Equus machina { 66 images } Created 8 Jul 2016

Equus machina explores the complex relationship between man and motorcycle through my photographic practice. As a deliberate move away from earlier work that focused on the themes of melancholia, compression, decay and ruin, this new series examines and investigates an alternative viewpoint using the motorcycle as the principal motif. My research involves the following concepts: Traversing Material and Virtual Territories, Customization & Hybridization, Speed & Velocity, and the Photographic Index as a Chronological Trace. By its very nature, the motorcycle is purpose built for traversing geographical territories - physical spaces, often off-road and uncharted. The motorcycle represents an agent of change, in the sense that its customization and modification is now a dynamic cultural industry, which opens up questions of the social and psychological value of hybridized processes of the material transformation of machines. This paper is being presented as a work-in-progress in the early stages of my PhD research.
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