Pleurotus cornucopiae { 14 images } Created 13 Jul 2017

Pleurotus cornucopiae is a collection of photographs made in 2014 during the time I was living in the Chaiyaphum province of North East Thailand. These Pleurotus cornucopiae (the Branched Oyster Mushroom), are edible and visually similar to its close relative the Pleurotus ostreatus (the Oyster Mushroom). The generic name Pleurotus is Latin for ‘side ear’ and refers to the lateral attachment of the stem; cornocopiae means horns of plenty and its origin lies in Greek mythology. Initially grown from large batch of Mycelium-Spores housed in 500 plastic containers and watered attentively. Their surreal trumpet-like forms inspired a body of photographs that revisit similar interests that I had back in 1992 when I photographed a series of carnivorous plants.
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